Muslimah Monday - Nuhaa Dalwai

Nuhaa at her 21st birthday with her sister

Introduce yourself to the readers
Assalamualaikum/ Hello there... My name is Nuhaa Dalwai, a 21 year old Event Management student from Cape Town with an avid interest in baking, reading and blogging. I'm happiest when I can do all three simultaneously.

What is your hijab experience?
I started wearing hijab nine years ago and I've never looked back since. My mother and sister were always modestly dressed while I was growing up, but my parents never pressured the hijab onto me. They wanted me to make the decision for myself and my Creator.

In 2005, as a family, we performed our Hadj ("The Islamic pilgrimage to Makkah") and when we returned I continued to wear my hijab. I've always felt comfortable and confident with it, even now while I am studying in a college where hijabis and Muslims are far and few. My experience has been a positive one and I believe that it should be done for yourself and for the right reasons.
The Beautiful Nuhaa Dalwai

What is your hijab style?
It's most definitely vintage inspired, 1950s chic and very classic. I love high-waisted maxi skirts and dresses, classic court shoes and t-bar heels and pretty blazers (instead of the usual cardigan cover-up look.) 

I like to believe that I am a modern, Muslimah version of "Suzy Homemaker", and I try to incorporate that into the way I wear my hijab. 

What items do you consider a must-in every girl/muslimah's closet?
A crisp, tailored white button up shirt can take you so many places. Tucked into a high-waisted maxi, it can be casual or elegant (depending on the accessories) or a longer length/ hi-low version for us Muslimahs that can be worn over nude chinos for a relaxed weekend (or even a corporate) look.

What are your favourite hijab blogs?
I find so many new hijab blogs everyday, it's a tough choice but, I love the clean lines of Saara from Minimal Exposure, the beautiful tips from Hijab South Africa, scarf styling from Me Mrs Me and the vlogging from both Amenakin and Dina

I'm very open to new hijabi bloggers... Or new bloggers in general actually, I love that you can express your individuality and share it with others.

Who is your hijab inspiration?
She is not exactly a hijabi, but Ulyana Sergeenko, the Russian fashion designer and photographer, has an amazing range of vintage inspired clothing that can be easily transformed into hijab friendly looks. I love anything 50s inspired so she is definitely on the top of my list.


Any last tips for the readers?
Remember that confidence is key, and that when you do anything, and you exude confidence, you can make it look good and you will feel great. Also, invest in a pair of good quality, comfortable nude heels/ pumps, they go with everything and are a girls best friend. 

Now that you've read about Nuhaa, you should visit her blog Pretty Young Things and follow @NuhaaDalwai on Twitter.

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