Black Tuesday

Yesterday, 22 November was declared Black Tuesday. I decided to wear black, representing those who are against the Secrey Bill. Unfortunately, it's sad to announce that the bill was passed which meant it's one step closer to being pass as law. I don't  know how things are going to unfold now, we can only hope by some sort of miracle that it does not become law. 

On a positive note, it's nice to see that through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook we can see the community coming together to fight for a common cause. The powerful of social media is absolutely amazing,  

Today I went in a limousine! My first time! It felt really classy and people stare as you drive by. Made us feel like superstars! (My friend managed to get a voucher so it wasn't that pricey!) After supper, I got lost on the way back home, for around 30 minutes - which means my next item on my wishlist is a GPS! It's ridiculous that I want to travel the world when I don't know my own city and its roads.

Camps Bay

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