The Power of Make-Up

I recently saw a make-up video tutorial of a girl with really bad acne on her face and neck. It's amazing how she did a her make-up, her skin looked absolutely flawless at the end of the tutorial. You never would have known that she had acne under that make-up! I saw she used some Smashbox products  which I've been intrigued by since I got received my Smashbox mascara in my first Glambox. If you're interested Smashbox is available at Woolworths!

I have pretty bad eczema on my face and neck so I completely understand how conscious she feels. I don't really use that much make-up, occasionally if I go out I'll use some foundation in an attempt to cover my uneven skin tone. I probably do it badly too, since I don't really know how to do make-up!

It really is tough walking around with terrible skin. I've broken down in tears in random places and avoided mirrors. So sometimes foundation can serve as a little confidence booster even if it makes the tiniest difference. The power of make-up is amazing, but I don't like it went girls go overboard, as in look absolutely fake!

Watch the video to see how she does her make-up.

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Laiqah said...

WOW! That's crazy!
I have some scarring on my face from spots and I agree that the right amount of foundation and concealer can do wonders!

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