I been slacking on the Hijab posts BIG TIME! Hopefully I'll get back to it soon! I have an exam on Monday, eek! As usual most procrastination is at its highest when needing to do something important. Anyways, I thought I'd put in a quick post about my Ecotools brushes.

I ordered me some Ecotools brushes off , yes that's right Takealot! They've started selling perfume and make-up, really expanding their target market! I compared prices with and they were pretty on par so I went ahead and bought me some brushes! Delivery was free and quick and my EcoTools were packed neatly in a Takealot box. They really have great service!

I'm not a make-up junkie or anything, I've only started learning how to apply make-up and failing sometimes ending up with hectic raccoon eyes. But I thought I might as well stock up on the necessary tools, or should I say EcoTools! The reason why I went for them was that they are synthetic and cruelty free. If you do some research you will always find questions on whether natural or synthetic make-up brushes is better. Apparently natural is better for powders and synthetic for creams and the list goes on. To be honest I'm not really bothered, how big can the differences be? Perhaps, because I'm not a make-up artist or a daily make-up user I don't understand.

Also, doesn't applying make-up with a squirrel just sound so strange? I swear I'm not an activist for PETA or anything, but the next time you use your brushes think about this adorable little mink.


Lipgloss Kisses said...

I love EcoTools. I have their 6-piece eye brush set. ♥

Laiqah said...

I love EcoTools! The quality of the brushes are amazing and for the price!
Selected PnP and Clicks sell EcoTools if you want to buy more. (PnP is cheaper!)

Nice meeting you on Sat!

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