Golden Globes Modified

I don't know about you, but I love fancy Hollywood events like the Golden Globes and The Oscars. It's the only time celebrities go for a more covered look than usual, which means the style can be adapted much easier  for someone who wears hijab. I never planned to modify their outfits, I just ended up colouring Emma, Mila and Morena in - kind of fun! Although you can distinctly see I coloured their outfits in paint, I think it gives a good idea how their dresses looks if it were altered.

I'm such an Emma fan, but I'm not really sure If I like her belt. It feels as if it makes the dress a bit casual or am I being delusional? I changed the low v-neckline to a conservative round one. I like her dress, the original and the changes I've made!

Not really a fan of the bodice of Mila's outfit. Something just doesn't look right. I ended up taking her strap away, and how good does the dress look as a boobtube? The sleeves I added doesn't look as great as Morena's, because it doesn't match with the bodice.  The bodice needs to be changed up to something more shimmery or by adding some beads. I LOVE the skirt part of her outfit.

I love Morena, I've always admired her beauty. Her dress was almost perfect, the gap in her chest area was really unflattering. I LOVE how the dress looks once I coloured in the gaps. Sophisticated and classy!

What you think about the changes I made to the dresses?

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