Bow Peep : Handmade Accessories

Let me introduce you to Bow Beep, a handmade accessories and home decor brand based in Cape Town. It was started by Leila Badsha started earlier this year. Her online shop has a range of beautiful and pretty items. Her shop includes alice-bands, button badges, ribbon brooches, buntings, button earrings and button packs. Initially, I  thought "Buttons? What would I want buttons for?". Well Leila proved me wrong, they are incredibly pretty. So pretty that I need to find a reason to buy them! Have a look at her online shop and blog, it's great to see what amazing potential local stores have. Don't forget, local is lekker! 

Ribbon Brooches

Button Badges
Button Pack
Button Earrings

I assume by this point of my post you want to buy some buttons. You can order through Bow Peep's online store or shop at Hello AgainThe Field Office and Cupcakes and Cowboys. If you want to read Leila blog about all things pretty and beautiful, don't forget to follow her blog. For updates via Tweets follow @ShopBowPeep on Twitter.


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