Product Review : Dr Hauschka Cleansing Milk

I'm not one for using many products since I have eczema on my face. Dr. Hauschka products was recommended to me at a health shop. They have great products, it's great for sensitive skin. 

So about the cleansing milk. I love it. Firstly, it's an ALL NATURAL CLEANSER, which means its free of all those nasty chemicals other cleansers have. I have extremely sensitive skin, sometimes I have raw patches and the milk still works brilliantly . I love the smell, the texture and the fact that it's eczema friendly. The packaging is awesome , it comes in a glass bottle with a pump top. The bottle goes a long way which is good since it's quite pricey. 

I don't know about how it works in terms of a make-up remover since I don't really wear make-up. I've read other reviews, some state that it works well with Dr. Hauschka make-up and light make-up. If you're a heavy make-up wearer, you'll have to find out about that. 

Next time you in a shop and spot some Dr. Hauschka products, go check it out! Ask for samples or perhaps test it on your skin while you there. If you have sensitive skin, this cleanser is a winner. At the Wellness Warehouse you can get this for R395. 

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