The Fashion Show

A ladies fashion show showcasing the latest Summer trends, Islamic wear, bridal wear, plus size ranges and more will be hosted in January at the Royal Cape Yacht Club in Waterfront. Each guest will receive a gift bag including Angela Wall beauty products, RAIN , Sh'Zen, Family Holiday magazine, Cosmopolitan magazine and more. In addition to this guests will be treated to refreshments and receive a mini-treatment  by Sh'Zen or Angela Wall. 22 year old freelance fashion designer Asmaa Taliep is the lady behind the organisation of this event. Recently I was able to ask her a few questions about how it all came together. 

In recent years there has been increasing demand for Islamic Fashion. What are your thoughts on Islamic/Hijab fashion within South Africa?
There is a saying: 'The less there is the more they want!' Most young designers all rush to fill the rails of your usual fashion store, thinking they'll make it big designing all the latest trends the boring way: Barely there and tight everywhere. What they do not realize is, is that they could build an entire Empire just by focusing on Islamic wear. It does not have to be old and frumpy looking, there are thousands of women who want to look Trendy and Islamic at the same time. So if focus solely on trying to perfect the Islamic and Trendy/Fashionable look, who knows how successful you can become.

What made you decide to host a ladies fashion show?
After I graduated from college in 2009, I took a break for the whole of 2010. Then by the time it reached February 2011, I was completely bored out of my mind and wanted to do something new and exiting Then it it just dawned upon me.... I have to have my own Fashion Show! As always, Islamicly boys always take out most of the fun when us ladies want to let loose. So I declared it a "Ladies Night", and it stuck. Then what started out as a 'one-man' show, later developed into a showcase of more than 10 designers. And here I am, 7 months later, still pumped up as I was when the just idea popped in my head.

How are the preparations coming along?
So far Alghamdulilah, everything has worked out just beautifully. Everything I had planned for the show has been set. I really wanted to give each guest attending the show a gift bag, and so far I have a total of 6 gifts!! (I know that sounds a little, but trust me its allot... lol), apart from showcasing my range, that is the one thing I am most exited about giving to the guests. Everything else that goes into planning a Fashion Show is all sorted, the only thingI am waiting on right now is the printing of the tickets.

Tickets will go on sale on the 20 September at a cost of R120 per person. If you would like to get involved you can contact Asmaa at asmaa.taliep(at) For more details you can visit the Facebook event page.


Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting, where will I be able to purchase tickets from?

hijabsa said...

The details on how to purchase the tickets were not made available yet. You can find the organisers contact details on the Facebook page. I would follow the Facebook page closely for more details!

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