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I found a few nice blogs I'd like to share with everyone! 

Awesome Hijabi blog by Seyma

 Great blog by Ari Seth Cothen who takes photos of stylish older people! 

I don't really like photos, but here is a poor attempt at taking a photo of my outfit! My sister brought be her camera that has been idling in her cupboards. I still have to figure out the different lenses etc.! I edited the photo wrong tooo!! Far too lazy to make it right and my pc is being uber slow!

Black Scarf from somewhere really cheap (Gatesville?)
Pringle Cardigan
Animal Print Top from Thailand
Bag gifted (from Zoom I think)
Black Croc flats
Harem pants from China Town 

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Laiqah said...

More outfit posts! Mashallah you look lovely!

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