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Watching Confessions of a Shopaholic got me thinking. Specifically the scene where girls were waiting in line for the store sale to begin. When the doors opened the girls instantly turned into vultures and ran crazily into the store, grabbing what they could and swooning at the sight of 50% off designers items.

When I was younger I remember waking up early in the morning so I could go with my mother to the Edgars Red Hanger Sale in N1 City. We'd be waiting outside the doors with other vultures - I mean people . Once the doors opened we all ran in grabbing what we could. I would run to the kiddies section while my mother went on to go raid the ladies section. I'd grab anything and everything that I liked even a little. Once I grabbed everything I'd sort out the clothes I grabbed into the clothes I'd actually want to buy.

I never experienced that type of sale again until I went to one at YDE. Again, I had to wake up early to get to the sale at the Waterfront in time. Before the store opened, there were about 100 other people there. Since I was much older and mature I didn't rush inside as if my life depended on it; instead, I filmed what was happening. I was highly intrigued and continued observing people throughout the sale. There were a group of about 10 people who managed to grab most items in the shop and they sat huddled in a corner sorting it out. It felt unfair, but nevertheless I managed to get 3 items, none of which I wear regularly. I totally regretted this day. Was waking up early and standing in line for 3 hours worth it? No. Is it ever worth it? Sometimes.

I'm not going to lie, the adrenaline rush of grabbing items is fun. Really fun. But sometimes the aftermath of a sale can be quite regretful when the realisation of how much money was spent kicks in. Sales have their way of fooling us into buying things we've never wanted or needed. The mere fact that items are greatly discounted from their original price, with that Prada bag that was originally R10 000  now going for R5000,  we start telling ourselves that we can't miss this opportunity. Just like everyone else, I am guilty of this too. I have many clothing items that still have their tags on from years ago. 

The joy of sales! When should the line be drawn? How do we stop ourselves from over buying?

Unfortunately I lost my YDE video , but I found one on Youtube  

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