Crocs...the shoes everyone loves to hate

I think some may consider me brave writing a post about Crocs at the risk of losing a few readers. There are numerous Facebook groups against Crocs, people who refuse to walk with friends or family wearing Crocs and those would never step into a Croc store in their lifetime.  Not many people approve of wearing Crocs as the first image that comes into mind is the original Crocs (pictured below). Which at this point I will agree to being absolutely all kinds of hideous. (Sorry) They are super cute for kiddies though!

A few weeks ago my mother went to the Croc sale in Access Park. If I'm not mistaken she bought about 17 pairs of Crocs. Yes, that many! She bought me a few pairs as you can see below, wedges and pumps! I love them. The wedges are extremely comfy and perfect because I'm short. Most of my friends don't recognize or believe that it's Crocs and I would have to point to the Crocs label on my shoe. Crocs is making an effort to make their shoes more fashionable but still opt for the comfortable characteristic their brand promotes. They've started appealing to a younger crowd which is awesome!

 As we all know, the female species loves to suffer for beauty so we'd  rather wear fashionable and uncomfortable shoes instead of decent looking comfortable shoes. We at a point in time where we disregard the comfort factor when buying shoes - and we shouldn't. I'm  definitely a comfort girl, I prefer wedges and flats and will opt for high heels on special occasions. Check out my Crocs below. :) 

When buying shoes what matters to you? Would you rather suffer in ridiculously high heels instead of opting for comfortable shoes? Do you own or would you ever buy Crocs?


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Sam said...

Ok, I am one of those that made fun of crocs, but (and I can't believe I'm going to say this) These are actually not bad, cute even!

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