Chaos in my closet

This post involves my computer, my mannekin, my clothes, my shoes, my belt and 2 of 3 cats.  I don't have much of a closet, but rather I consider my whole house as my closet. My clothing rails, cupboards, drawers and racks scattered around the house. It's chaotic. Hopefully in the next few week I'd like to get things organised, especially my rails.

Where I blog from. I know my blog doesn't look like this anymore I changed it a few minutes ago.

I got this mannequin today for a very exciting project of mine. One of my attempts at making a stylish outfit.

Some of my belts.

One of my rails of clothing in my room , yet to be organised.

1 of 2 clothing racks. Pajamas and t-shirts. 

Some shoes and shoe boxes.

SOME of my shoes.

Pregnant kitty.

See she's pregnant and didn't know how to get back into the house, there was a small cat door to the right of her. With some assistance from my aunt she managed to get back in. She's nameless btw, she was a street cat but we took her in. Still don't know what to name her. Suggestions?

Stinky -> Stinkerbell ->Tinkerbell. That was her name process. When my siblings found her she was a scrawny street kitten, hence her initial name of stinky. She can't meouw. For reals, sometimes you hear an occasional squeak.


Sam said...

Cats are so cute! Please post pics of the kittens when they arrive.
Really like your mannequin...I've been looking for one for ages now.

Juli Photo Diary said...

Ohh pretty cat!!

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