Fulla - Hijabi Dolls

Yes, I said it! Hijabi dolls that can be bought in South Africa! Barbies that comes with an abaya and wears a scarf. Most of the abayas are removable and come with a complete set of clothes underneath. How cool is that?  The great thing about Hijabi dolls is that it's appropriate for Muslim girls. Now girls can play with their dolls and learn about Islam. The prices range from R120 - R200.

Is it weird that I want one for myself? 


Nafisa said...

Not weird at all... in fact, I have one of my own.. the doll with the laptop :) And I'm pretty sure I'm a few years older than you!

Bella Muslim said...

yup.. its not weird.. i falled in love with them in the first sight. wish it is available in Malaysia.. ^_^

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