My Eid Outfit

 I can't remember the last time I bought something new for Eid. I have recycled clothes from my closet for as long as I can remember. I never obsess about buying Eid, I usually have my mother screaming at me to go shopping to buy an outfit. I'm reaaaally lazy when it comes to shopping. With minimal effort and overspending this is what my Eid outfit turned out to be. I originally wanted to wear a stiletto,but I didn't end up finding one I liked, so I rather opted for my pink wedges I bought in China. It has the height of a stiletto, but amazing comfort a stiletto lacks. The skirt is 110cm and I'm 153cm so I really can't escape wearing flats, else I would drown in the skirt! The outfit is missing missing a scarf and I'm not sure what top to wear under the blazer just yet. Help! 

Black Pleated Maxi Skirt from Lollyloves
Cropped Tux from Forever New 
Pink bead necklace from Mr Price
Bracelets from Forever New (I got a whole set for R15 from Access Park, score!)
Bow rings from Guangzhou, China
Pink Wedges from Guangzhou, China

I think my last post will be on hijab tutorials since I need to find a style for myself. I'll put up some video tutorials with ways you can wear your hijab with earrings. 

So I need help with ideas on what to wear under the blazer and what colour scarf/scarves to wear. Please advise me! :) 

Lastly, what are you wearing for Eid?


Laiqah said...

Lovely outfit!
I'm drooling over that blazer!!! You bought it recently? How much was it? (If you don't mind me asking!)

There's a Forever New at Access Park? I so did not know that! I need to go there, haven't been in forever but I think I'll go after the fast, I can only imagine how nuts it would be this weekend.

I still haven't found a pretty cardigan to wear with my pleated skirt... I think a trip to Forever New is in order for the weekend!

Mei said...

@Laiqah, the Forever New/Mango/Aldo store at Access Park closed last Month :( but they said they still had a branch by Cape Gates area.

The Mo's said...

Oooh that's my Eid-slash-conference outfit, almost verbatim. Skirt's different, it's a jersey maxi from Tart with a bow on the back and black shoe-boots. Oh, directed to your blog by AmiJ :) Nice one.

Sam said...

Looks like you put a stunning outfit together. Love all the pieces.

Anonymous said...

Where is LollyLoves? In Cape Town as well?

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