OH MY GHD! Lets get StyleScooped!

So if my title that-makes-no-sense was not awesome enough to give me a GHD. Here is my (somewhat cute but poor) attempt at winning (As Charlie Sheen would say).

So let me explain the process of making this Oscar worthy video. I knew I wanted to make a cartoon. I could picture it in my head. It would be cute, have stick people and more cute stuff. Now comes the difficult part. I can't draw and I've never made any type of animation type thing in my life. Hence. I Google "online cartoon maker" or something of that nature. I ended up at the Cartoon Network site where you can create your own animations! Score! (If you want to make cool animations like me click here) Once I was kind-of-done I needed to save it, but wait! You can't. I then needed to go find a free  online screencast (hence the URL at the bottom of the video), so that I can record my screen live. Then I experienced some complications that are too complicated to explain. Eventually after numerous attempts at recording my unsaveable animation, I made it to Windows Live Movie Maker, uploaded my video and added a song. And eveeeeeeentually made it to YouTube after a few failed attempts at uploading. Then I realized "eeeeeeek", with that representing "this is not how I wanted it to turn out". But I thought I would show it to you girls anyways.

So this competition had made me realize two things 1) I'm way funnier in my head and 2) I can never be a film editor/animator.

So here's what you waiting for. Get some popcorn!

If you didn't notice, the lady stick person had straight hair at the end because she got a GHD. The stick lady person lived happily ever after and shared her GHD with everyone :)

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EDIT: I won. For reals. Can't believe it. :O

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Nielfa Hanifa said...

Very clever lady! If you win it, I'm coming to get my hair done for Eid by you :P

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